Interested in downloading audiobooks and Ebooks?

Connect to Wisconsin’s Digital Library, Powered by OverdriveDownload audiobooks, eBooks, music and videos directly to your computer or for use with a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Nooks, Kindles and more.

What is OverdriveOverdrive is a library-purcahsed subscription to eBook, audiobook, music and video content.  Slinger Community Library, as part of the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, has access to this shared collection.  Using your library card, you can browse for titles to download to your computer or a variety of portable devices including MP3 players, iPods, iPads, Nooks, Kindles and smartphones.

How can I use it? – To use this service, you’ll need to install the Overdrive Media Console Follow the steps on the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium Quick Start Guide.     This resource is available remotely to all cardholders of any Monarch Library System Member .

Troubleshooting This may involve checking several layers of software and hardware.  Start with Overdrive’s Help pages for the most accurate information on device compatibility and troubleshooting.  If you need furthur assistance, please contact the library.  If the staff can not help you with your specific questions, they can refer you to someone who can.  You may also want to go to the Overdrive Resource Center to see if your device is compatible.