Tips for a successful Library Club and Teddy Bear Time experience

  • Discuss Library Club and Teddy Bear Time with your child before you come. Explain that there will be stories, simple songs, games, and finger plays. It will be fun but good behavior is important.

  • Encourage children to be courteous to the reader by LISTENING to the books being read aloud. Books they wish to check out should be saved for after storytime (not read during storytime), and toys should be left at home or in the car. Explain the importance of being still and quiet so others can hear and enjoy the stories, too.

  • Adults, please save visiting with friends until after storytime. If you talk during storytime so will the kids.

  • Plan to arrive early or on time. Children are easily distracted. Latecomers become the focus of attention as they find a spot to sit, remove jackets, etc.

  • Please tend to your child. If he/she becomes disruptive (crying, walking around, etc.), feel free to retreat to another part of the Library and return when your child is ready to listen.
    Also remember that there is to be NO food or drink in the library, including the story room, unless it is a special treat at a program. This means you should NOT give your child snacks of any kind during storytime, including “sippee” cups.

  • Stay after storytime to browse through our collection and get acquainted with the rest of the group. Help your child choose books to take home from the library. Your example will show your child that reading is worthwhile and fun!
  • On your child’s birthday, you may bring a treat to share with the group. (No Brownies, Cake or Finger Jell-O Please!)

If the Slinger School District is closed because of weather, Library Club and/or Teddy Bear Time will not be held.